Art Garden Is, "One Of A Kind Growing BIG" In The World Market Of Hydroponics!  PLANTS GROW BIGGER & FASTER! Invented To Maximize Space, Grow Plants Fast, And To Make Growing Year Round Profitable In Cold Climates. TheCapability Of Producing 500 Plants Per Month inside a "Mini 120 sq. ft. Greenhouse" BLOWS AWAY nearly all other Conventional Growing System's on the Market Today. Not to mention the recent addition of a super powerful 3 piston .5-2amp pump. One High Quality made in the U.S.A Pump is capable of producing 250psi and runs up to 7 units! The cost to operate the pump is pennies and this opens a door for solar options for complete Freedom to Grow Anywhere! The Mist produced by the pump in conjunction withreusable/cleanable filters high psi nozzles/ components create a fog like substance. Water droplets are so tiny the nutrient mist behaves like fog and penetrates the root zone, making this the fasted growing technique on planet earth, and beyond! NASA uses this technology in the space station because the growing method uses 99% less water & nearly zero media. Aeroponic cultivation allows for nutritious fast growing food that you to grow in thin air. The benefits are everywhere, even in the Air! Plants can feeding from natural gases in the air such as nitrogen. Also oxygen in the root zone amongst many other factors "we wont get too geeky, Its only the first paragraph! Simply put it's using 99% less water, it can also use up to 60% less nutrients then other hydroponic methods. The plant roots are literally feeding on air & a mineral nutrient solution. Usually plant leaves & stems can only benefit from these natural airborne substances but not anymore, the roots showed up and their hungry. Trailblazers at NASA and the development of aeroponics has allowed the Staffeldt family to make this possible for all families. Its a True American Business, everything is hand crafted and larger orders are even delivered by the Staffeldt Family themselves. Its about Revolutionizing Gardening for the World & In a Nutshell, that is what Makes Art Garden Growing System So Special!