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Where Can It Grow & What's it Growing?

You Can Grow in a Urban Setting Outdoors, Indoors, Patio's Or Inside a Commercial Greenhouse. Art Garden Growing System Puts Out 92% More Food Per Sq. Ft. You Can Grow ALOT of Food In A VERY Small Space! Its EASY To Grow High Dollar Herbs, Tomatoes, Cucumbers And Just About Anything. Powered By A Low Watt Pump & Apollo Titan Timer, This System Costs Very Little To Run.

Who Is Growing & Why?

Art Garden Growing System Is Up and Running! The Commercial Growing Operation Generates The Staffeldt's Sustainability & Profitable Income 24/7, 365 Days A Year. The Owners Of Art Garden Are Passionate About Growing Local Produce. 

In The Video And On Youtube, Benjamin & Sara Staffeldt Explain; "This System Is AboutFamily Staying Together & Creating Income Together. "Its Amazing To Experience The Joys Of Growing With Your Family." "It's about Enriching Communities, You Can Boost a City's Economy and Help People Eat Fresh Nutrient Dense Food, Its Very Gratifying to say the Least!" Not Only That, The System Can Completely Supplement Your Family's Vegetable, Herb, And Leafy Greens Needs Year Round. "We want to Help People!"

A-lot Of Development Has Went Into The Growing System To Make Sure It's PERFECT!  Lets just say, "Growing Local Is Now Worth Your Time!" This Growing System Is Truly, "More Than Meets The Eye!"

Why Is Art Garden Different Or Better Than Other Growing Systems On The Market?

Art Garden is the FIRST-EVER Growing System To Use Aeroponic's In Conjunction WithThermal-Wrap/Light Refraction Technology. Basically, This Trailblazing Hybrid Gardening System Generate's More Food Per "Square Foot" than "ANY Gardening System On The Market. The Pairing of "Maximizing Space Scientific Technology", It's LiterallyGrowing 45-90 Plants In 4 Sq. Ft. and the Quality of Plant Is Amazing. The Plants really couldn't Be Happier but it saves 98% Of Water Wasted In Conventional Gardening Methods. "The Planet Is Pretty Darn Happy Too!"

Ar Garden Co. "Developing Cucumber Variety's Inside Greenhouse"
Ar Garden Co. "Developing Cucumber Variety's Inside Greenhouse"

Can You Really Grow Year Round & How Often Are Harvest's?

Harvesting Leafy Greens & Produce Year Round is NOW Possible. Yes we said, "Year Round" & "No Matter Where You Live!Art Garden Growing System can be Harvested Daily, Weekly or Monthly. Its up to the Grower to decide when is the best time to Reap what has been Sown. All In about 30 days, "From Seed to Harvest!" You Can Even Start YourPlants For Your Garden And Transplant Them Later Into Soil. 

Art Garden Co. Developed the Premium Superior Light Refracting Material that is Tuff asNails! This Technology is a First in the Hydroponic World.  The Premium,"Food Grade Material" Reflects 98% of Light directly to the plants growing, Creating Perfect Light Conditions for Plants Year Round! This is Especially Beneficial During "Winter Months" andMaximizes Growth! Also, if light is artificially supplemented by the grower, he or she will not need to provide as much light for two reasons. First of course, The System SAVES WastedLight and Refract's it back to the Plants Growing. Secondly, The Art Garden Growing SystemWastes 0% of Space. The Growing Unit or Unit's can be Rotated morning and night to achieve PERFECT Growing Conditions for "Any Plant Variety!" 

  • Any "Non Root" Plant Can be Grown. Most Plant Combinations can be Grown Together.Art Garden Co. Recommends Growing the Developed Strains that were Grown and made"Proven Winners." The Grower does have complete control to "Find The Hidden Gems Of The Plant World" So, Feel Free to Experiment and Remember to have Fun Experimenting!Art Garden will create Billions of Designs. Each Plant is a New Artist and Depending on the Variety of Plant, "Add-Ons" are included with some System Packages . We are talking about "Adding-On "Structure". This is Achieved with Trellising for Vining Plants such asCucumbers/Tomatoes. Trellises are Super Durable & Very Easy To Use.

Art Garden Co. Uses 100% Food Grade Materials & Plastics. Rest Easy Knowing, This is aCertified, Safe & Quality Product. 

"Prototype Unit" "Developmental Stage"
"Prototype Unit" "Developmental Stage"
  • You can really Grow almost anything! If you choose to grow the Prized Tomato Varieties, you will need the Custom Growing Trellis to achieve the "Best Results".  Infinite Growth is possible once the Simple To Use, Growing Trellis is put into place. Tomato Varieties can grow Astonishing spans of 10x10 Ft.  This Results in Creating a Stunning Canopy ofFoliage and Fruit. The Growing Chamber Holding the Roots is Below, It's Shaded andCool in the Summer Months." Harvesting is then done at 5-8ft above ground with a Step Stool. You will own a "Tomato Tree" unless you Choose to Grow Cucumbers that is! EachArt Garden Growing System can be completely customized to grow what ever the grower wants. Currently, there is Several Systems to choose from. Each system has different combinations of attributes to benefit different plants or situations. The Most Popular, "Multipurpose Model", Allows the Grower a HUGE Range of options for Growable Plant Varieties.  Seen In The Video Update Below.