4 Art Garden Growing Systems, State of the Art 2020 Autumn Sky Modules Package


The leading technology of Art Garden is easy for anyone to use and merging the most stunning and productive plants with aeroponics. Look's like the garden has made it's way to the dinner table and you can never guess who show's up next! Each grow site holds a new plant, seed and intricate design.

Welcome to Art Garden.

4 Unit System Includes:

  • #42 multi purpose grow sites per unit. 
  • 1 High PSI Aeroponic Pump, 0.5-2amp operates up to 4 units at once. Long life of 50,000-100,000 hours 

  • Misting System Components, 40 micron nozzles, ALL quick-connect capable accessories included. 
  • Inline 50-200 micron reusable stainless steel particulate filters with ''quick clean'' capabilities 
  • PH, PPM, and Atmospheric Monitors. 
  • Aeroponic Nutrient Blend, The highest quality on the market includes micro/macro nutrients. (1 Years Worth) 
  • Grodan Rockwool Cubes (1 Years Worth)

Art Garden Growing Systems merges the most stunning and productive plants and Aeroponics.

Our industry leading quality, Trusted & Tested U.S.A made Food Grade & Medical Grade Components/ grow chambers create the cleanest most efficient system available. In 4 sq ft. Art Garden achieves an unparalleled number of grow sites with #42-84 and can generate a massive food production in the smallest space.